четверг, 26 августа 2021 г.

Development progress: One of the key features of v. 1.4.1

This is a jdmimport invented and augmented by me way of using my favorite extra system to increase the variety of hubcaps on cars. In the pictures you will see one car model, policewc3, which, with appropriate preparation and configuration of vehicles.meta, has a stock wheel and two sets of hubcaps. Also extras controls a unit numbers and a megaphone on the lightbar. A car without extraneous extras can have three sets of hubcaps. Two sets of caps allow you to have four more arbitrary extras, one set of caps - eight arbitrary extras. Thus, most of the marked patrol cars in this and subsequent packs will have this mechanic. That is, it will be possible to make two or three different flashing lights with two different sets of caps and still remember to hang a rambar or something like that, using all 12 extras. Some people will object, after all, you can use tuning for the same purposes, but we have not achieved a result in its implementation in the game spawn system. That is, it is possible to install other wheels through the trainer, but so that cars with different wheels come to the stars is no longer. Therefore, we came to such a decision in which AI-cops use all three wheel options with different caps and without them.

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