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Guide: How to install Retro Emergency Vehicles Pack 1.3.0 in 2022

After multiple requests I finally did it. It's new video installation instruction of Retro Emergency pack on the actual version of GTA V (1.0.2699.0). Also, mod was reuploaded with couple of minor fixes.
I removed outdated gameconfig.xml files from package, and updated text instruction for mods, with link on content which should be installed. Also vehshare.rpf files are updated and now include textures  with increased resolution by R*. Following this instruction mod should stay actual for a long time and work with any next update, if R* will not change game client structure.
=============================== DOWNLOAD (PART 1) DOWNLOAD (PART 2) ===============================
Also, I wish to draw your attention on works of my partner, jdmimport:

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