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Scientific Prototypes Mark VII Siren ( 70's - 90's NYPD )

Scientific Prototypes Mark VII Siren - siren modification, which brings to GTA V siren used by NYPD in 70's - 90's. Formerly released on gta4-mods.com as nypd mark 7 siren, saved for actual days by FCV96, converted to GTA V and re-released by Lozano71. This siren also was used in my previous LC-related videos.
========================================== INSTALLATION ==========================================
Shortly, idea idea is edit vehicles.awc files with openFormats. Export-replace-import .
Here is detail algorythm:
1) Open "Grand Theft Auto V\mods\x64\audio\sfx\RESIDENT.rpf\"
2) Click Right Mouse Button on "vehicles.awc" and choose "export to openFormats (.oac)"
3) Put .waw files from the mod to exported "vehicles" folder from mod, with replace of files
4) Click "import openFormats" and import "vehicles.oac" back to "Grand Theft Auto V\mods\x64\audio\sfx\RESIDENT.rpf\"
============================================= USAGE =============================================
Regular siren "SIREN_PA20A_WAIL" - press "E" short
"POLICE_WARNING| - press "E" and hold when regular siren is active
"SIREN_2" - press "E" short and immediatly press "E" one more time and hold
"AIRHORN_EQD" - long "E" press when regular siren is not activated\x64\audio\sfx\RESIDENT.rpf\"
============================================ СREDITS ============================================
Unknown Author - original GTA IV release, FCV96 - reupload of the mod, Lozano71 - convert to GTA V.
=========================================== DOWNLOAD ===========================================

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Retro Emergency Vehicles Pack: East Coast Addon v. 1.4.0 (90's)


Retro Emergency Vehicles Pack: East Coast Addon – a global DLC for GTA V which replace most of emergency services and taxis on analagoues based on ones from Liberty City and Alderney State,  from the 90's. Mod was developed in a DLC format with a pretty easy installation. This pack features lots of legendary cars like Ford LTD Crown Victoria, Chevrolet Caprice, Chevrolet Suburban and Ford Crown Victoria. You can get them by spawning via a trainer or just getting a wanted level.

Pack includes:
1. DLC archive with vehicles and peds
2. Optional LCPD uniform sets based on 1992 NYPD uniform and 1995 NYPD uniform.
3. Optional dispatch.meta sets, for different types of LC zoning.
============================================ СREDITS ============================================
carface80, Lozano71, jdm import, Lundy,  solo, OfficerUnderwood, Gta5Korn, DodgeBoy, Pumbars, Ceril, GreenAid, Esprit, scratch, wja, sonder, BadReligion, Expression Gaming, Scuderio, Lt. Antoine |No. 4|, popopies, oldsmobile_85, Bozkurt20
=========================================== ATTENTION ===========================================
gameconfig.xml is NOT presented in the pack anymore, because it's reason of fast outdating of the mod, so users have to search and install it by yourself. For now, i recommend to use F7YO's gameconfig.
=================================== CHANGELOG FOR V. 1.4.0 (90's) ===================================
Added multipIe variations of Ford Crown Victoria 1992-1994
Added multipIe variations of Ford LTD Crown Victoria 1991
Added LODs for Ford Crown Victoria 1996
Almost all cars now have LCC taxi variants
Added Lincoln Towncar 1991 limo version, elite taxi of LC.
Chevrolet Caprice 1991-1995 was updated, now it use newer carface80's models
Created Liberty and Alderney states license plates for all vehicles.
Ford Crown Victoria 1998 was updated, now it use OfficerUnderwood's model
Ford Mustang 1991 got some minor updates and bugfixes

List now looking short but it was epic long-term work, a lot of research have been made to do somethings authentics and accurate as possible, many items was redone twicely and even more times, 80's and 70's packs are not released, but i just changed tactic. Now i got platform for 1990's packs, based on best models which gta community can suggest. In 2021 i plan to release more 90's packs based on different cities and locations, because it's optimal if we think about optimising of development time. After releasing some themed packs i will return to work on 80's pack, and do same. And in the end i will do 70's packs. It's long term process, but it allows to do releases every season, instead of waiting lot of time before whole work will be ended.
========================================== SCREENSHOTS =========================================

 ====================================== DOWNLOAD (MAIN LINK) ======================================

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